dspMonitor™ Overview

dspMonitor™ is the analytical component of the DSP® that facilitates reporting on and maintaining high quality master data. It allows business users to:

  • Pull data from the ERP database on a scheduled or an on-demand basis to constantly review data, especially data that could cause a significant business process interruption

  • Establish data quality thresholds and view data quality scores and status

  • Organize and display quality metric reports via web access or other formats for process improvement
  • Identify and send errors (via workflow notifications) to business users for cleansing

dspMonitor™ is delivered with a standard set of reports. Users can also create custom reports to fit their business needs.

Setup and Configuration for dspMonitor™

Before getting started with dspMonitor™, verify the following steps have been completed:

  1. Register Report Repositories (referred to as Data Sources) in Common
  2. Set up Security (performed by an Administrator)
  3. Configure Path of Reports (performed by an Administrator)
  4. Configure dspMonitor™ Parameters
  5. Set up Structure
  6. Configure SAP Client Name for dspMonitor™ Reports
  7. Populate Configuration Tables
  8. Configure Schedules on Services Pages