User Role

To access this page:

  1. Select Common > User Management in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Security Roles icon for a user ID.



Web App Groups

Click to open the WebApp Security page which is where the selected user is given access (by the Administrator) to design and develop custom WebApps or to customize the set of delivered components for which customization is allowed.

Assign To Role

Click to assign the selected user to the role. Refer to Assign a User to a Security Role in Common for more information.

Unassign To Role

Click to unassign the selected user to the role.

dspConduct™ Positions

Click to open the User Settings page to set user workflow receipt preferences.


Displays the name of the role.


If enabled, the user is assigned to the corresponding ROLE ID.

Security Role

Click to open theSecurity Roles page to add a security role (performed by an Administrator).

NOTE: A user must have permission to access System Administration to access this page.