Set Up Security for dspConduct™

To set up security:

  1. Create User Accounts in Common or have an Administrator create them in System Administration.

    NOTE; Adding a user in Common allows for a more streamlined process for password maintenance, and is the recommended method for use by a Help Desk or Call Center. In Common, password maintenance is the user’s responsibility. In System Administration, the Administrator must add a password for the user. Aside from password maintenance, after the user account is created, there is no difference between a user account added in Common or System Administration.

  1. Create Security Roles (performed by an Administrator).
  2. Assign Users to Security Role in Common or have an Administrator assign them.
  3. Assign WebApp Groups to Security Role (performed by an Administrator).

    NOTE: A user must belong to the Users Manager WebApp Group in dspConduct™ to configure security for dspConduct™ users.  

  1. Manage dspConduct™ Positions