Support Regulatory Compliance

The DSP assists clients with regulatory and corporate compliance by:

  • Restricting access to personal data (any data that can be used to identify a person), handled through DSP security and through purging data after a retention date has passed. Purging data is configured in Common and Collect.
  • Tracking and logging user access to this data throughout the product, which is configured in System Administration.

Settings must be configured before compliance can begin.

  • An Administrator must enable the logging feature in System Administration. By default, the DSP tracks access to all pages; however, an Administrator can control which pages are tracked. Refer to Log Access to Personal Data in System Administration for more information.
  • At the client site, an Administrator must also set up auditing for these specific tables in the DataSource named “DataGarage”.
    • dgTarget
    • dgTargetSource
    • dgTargetSourceTable

When a Data Controller updates any retention expiration date, an e-signature is required and captured in the audit records.

Additionally a Common Administrator can:

Any user who has access to the target can:

NOTE: Once the data is purged from a table, the table is deactivated. It cannot be refreshed either manually or automatically.

See this topic in Version 7.0.2

See this topic in Version 7.0.1