Collect Overview

Collect is a data repository management component that is a core entity of many DSP® product offerings. Collect maintains a unified collection of data from multiple, disparate systems without requiring users to connect to the actual systems. It can be configured to extract the data at scheduled intervals and at an individual table level. In this way, the data can be kept in sync based on the processing schedule of each data source. Collect also contains import groups to organize and manage sets of tables.

Collect provides the option to use DBMoto® to pull data from SAP. This integration provides change data capture; only changed data is pulled from SAP instead of every table. The integration of DBMoto® provides many benefits:

  • No dgSAP down time
  • Time savings
  • Network savings
  • Real-time visibility into SAP

Setup and Configuration for Collect

Before getting started with Collect, verify the following has been completed: