Create a User Account in Common

New users often need to be added to the system. An Administrator creates user accounts as the first step in the security setup process.

Using Excel Integration on the User Management page, an Administrator can add and update user account data for multiple accounts at one time. If using Excel Integration, the steps in this topic do not apply. However, the Administrator will still need to send the new users a temporary password once the spreadsheet has been imported.

All fields required for user maintenance are available in the Excel spreadsheet downloaded from the User Management page, though some of these fields do not display on the User Management page’s Horizontal View.

Refer to Use Excel Integration for more information.

NOTE: A user who belongs to the UserManager WebApp Group in Common can add users across the DSP®  , but cannot grant users access to dspConduct™. A user must also belong to the UserManager WebApp Group in dspConduct to add dspConduct users. These users can then be added on the User Position page. Refer to Configure dspConduct Positions for a User for more information. For more information regarding WebApp groups, refer to the following topics in System Administration:

To create a user:

  1. Select Common > User Management in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field description for the User Management page

  3. Enter a unique ID to be used when logging in to DSP® in the USER ID field.
  4. Enter the user’s first and last name in the NAME field.

    NOTE: If the NAME entered already exists, the user will be prompted with a message as to whether or not to accept the duplication. If the duplication is accepted, the record is not validated.

  5. Enter an E MAIL Address.
  6. Select a value from the LANGUAGE ID list box.
  7. Select the calendar for the user from the CALENDAR ID list box.

    NOTE: Refer to Use a Calendar for more information about setting up calendars.

  8. Click Save.:

    NOTE: The new user is also added to the Users page in System Administration.

Proceed with Send a Temporary Password to a New User.