System Administration

View Failed Jobs

When the Services icon on the Site toolbar is yellow, there is a failed job(s) for a component on the site. View the failed job to determine the cause of the failure and to acknowledge the failed job.

To view failed jobs, users must be a member of the Administrator, Power Designer or Power User WebApp groups for System Administration.

There are four ways to view failed jobs:

  1. Click the yellow Services icon on the Site toolbar.

  2. Click Admin > Resources > Jobs (Failed) in the Navigation pane; the Jobs (Failed) page displays.

  3. Click Admin > Resources > All Jobs in the Navigation pane; the All Jobs page displays

  4. Click Admin > Resources > Monitor in the Navigation pane and then, click the Failed icon for a job type; the Failed Jobs page displays.

Once the failed job has been debugged and fixed, acknowledge the job. Refer to Acknowledge Failed Jobs for more information.