System Administration

Acknowledge Failed Jobs

If there are failed jobs on the site, the Services icon on the Site toolbar is yellow. After the issue that caused the failure has been corrected, a user can acknowledge the failed job(s) to indicate that the issue has been debugged and fixed, and there is no longer a need to keep the failed record. Once all failed jobs on the site have been acknowledged, the Services icon turns from yellow to green.

There are two methods to acknowledge failed jobs:

• Acknowledge a single failed job on the Jobs (Failed) page

• Acknowledge all failed jobs for a service queue on the Queues (Monitor) page

NOTE: Use this method when a large number of jobs must be acknowledged.

To acknowledge a single failed job:

  1. Click the yellow Services icon on the Site toolbar.

  2. Click Acknowledge for a Job ID; the failed job record is removed from the Jobs (Failed) page.

To acknowledge all failed jobs in a service queue:

  1. Select Admin > Resources > Queues in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Acknowledge Failures button for the queue.