Agent Interface

Set up and Configuration for a BackOffice IGC Connector Agent


The BackOffice IGC™ Connector Agent is a Windows service that presents an HTTP interface to the DSP® on port 8000, and securely communicates with the cloud at over an encrypted channel using TLS 1.2 or higher. The DSP transmits dspMigrate™ Wave metrics to the cloud via the service. To view the Migration dashboard, navigate to your instance of IGC ( in a supported web browser. If you need help to access your cloud instance, contact your Customer Success team at

NOTE: Outgoing firewall policies must allow the service to initiate a connection to

NOTE: To install and configure the Connector Agent, you must have administration rights on the server where the Connector Agent will be installed.

NOTE: An additional component will need to be added to your DSP license to permit access to the Agent Interface WebApp and the Migration dashboard. Contact your BOA Account Manager for more information. If you do not have contact information then open a support ticket at


DSP 7.0.1 or later must be installed.

Outbound traffic to port 443 and the following domain must be permitted so that the Connector Agent can communicate with the IGC:

  • wss://

NOTE: The standard deployment configuration requires the Connector Agent to be installed on the same server as DSP. For alternative configurations please contact support at for assistance.

System Requirements for the BackOffice IGC Connector Agent

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit

NOTE: The Migration dashboard can be used in Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 and Safari. It is viewable on desktop, iOS 11 or later and Android Oreo.

Connector Agent Installation

The most common deployment scenario for the Connector Agent is installation of the Windows Service on the DSP Application Server. An overview of the process is below:

  1. Contact the IGC Provisioning team at at least 3 business days prior to the day you are ready to install the Connector Agent to request:
    • The Connector Agent installer
    • The IGC token you will need to complete the Connector Agent install
    • A replacement DSP license to enable the Connector Agent

    NOTE: During installation of the Connector Agent Windows Service you will enter the token provided to you. This token permits secure authentication of on-premise components to the IGC tenant containing the Migration dashboard where metrics are displayed.

  2. Install the Connector Agent on the DSP application server.
  3. Add the Agent URL to the Parameters - IGC page in DSP.
  4. Test the connection to the Connector Agent in DSP.