Agent Interface

Install the BackOffice IGC Connector Agent Service

To install the Connector Agent:

  1. Download the setup.msi file to the server where the Connector Agent will be installed.
  2. Right-click the file and click Install.

    NOTE: To uninstall the Connector Agent, click Uninstall in this menu.

  3. Click Next. The installer will ask for your token.

  4. Paste the token provided by support into the field in the installer using Command V on a Mac computer or Control V on a Windows computer.

    NOTE: The right-click menu will not open in the installer, so to paste you must use the keyboard commands.

  5. Click Next.

    NOTE: The Connector Agent is installed by default in the location C:\Program Files\BOA\IG Agent\.

Continue with Add the BackOffice IGC Connector Agent URL in DSP.