System Administration

Getting Started with DSP® Security for Custom Components

To get started with DSP® security for custom components:

  1. Create User Accounts
  2. Create WebApp Groups if not using delivered groups
  3. Set Page Security for WebApp Groups
  4. Create Security Definitions
  5. Create Security Roles
  6. Assign Users to Security Role
  7. Assign WebApp Groups to Security Role
  8. Assign Keys to Security Role

To set up user-specific security that allows users to view a more granular layer of data, complete the above steps plus add a user-specific key. Refer to Establish-User Specific Security Definitions.

When developing a new component, grant developer security via Security > WebApp Security > Users. Refer to Assign Users to a WebApp for Custom Application Development/Customizations.

To add non-developer users (i.e., end users) to the new component, add the WebApp group and users to the security role. Refer to Assign WebApp Groups to Security Role and Assign Users to Security Roles for detailed information.