Data Services AutoGen

AutoGen Data Services

To access this page:

  1. Click the Automation tab in the Quick Panel.
  2. Select the Object for which the request is being generated.
  3. Click the Build and Refresh Data Services icon in the Page toolbar; the AutoGen Data Services page displays.




Displays the name of the object as created in Console.

Wave Process Area Object Target ID

Displays the name of the target table associated with the Wave > Process Area > Object hierarchy.

Auto Gen Requests

Click to open the AutoGen BODS Requests page to generate requests and upload them to dspCloud™.

Import Objects

Click to open the Import Data Services Objects page to upload an AutoGen request. Used in cases where the user must work in offline mode because the DSP® cannot connect to the dspCloud™. When working offline, the AutoGen request file is downloaded on the AutoGen BODS Requests page's Vertical View, and then manually uploaded to the dspCloud™. The resulting file containing the Data Services jobs and can then be uploaded to the Data Services with this option.

Last Auto Gen Request

Displays the date and time an AutoGen request last ran.