Data Services AutoGen

Build and Refresh Data Services Jobs

Before Data Services jobs can be created, the Data Service Repository and datastores must be configured. Refer to Configure a Data Services Repository and Configure a Data Services Datastore for more information.

An AutoGen request contains all of the metadata required to generate the Data Services Jobs for the specific target. The AutoGen request takes the form of a number of metadata definition files that are compressed and sent to dspCloud™ for processing. Once the AutoGen request completes its processing in the dspCloud™, the requested output is downloaded from the dspCloud™ and automatically imported into Data Services. Each time an AutoGen request is generated, the Data Services Jobs are overwritten to correspond to the current configuration (basic rules, required fields, etc.) defined in Target Design. Complex rules, however, are generated as placeholders and they are not overwritten when an AutoGen request is regenerated. The logic for a complex rule is developed and stored in Data Services.

To build and refresh Data Services Jobs:

  1. Click the Automation tab in the Quick Panel.
  2. Select the object for which the request is being generated.
  3. Click the Build and Refresh Data Services icon; the AutoGen Data Services page displays.
  4. Click the Auto Gen Requests icon; the Autogen BODS Requests page displays.

    NOTE: If this is a new request, the page displays in Add mode; enter a comment in the Comment field and click Save.

    NOTE: If this is for an update to an existing request, select the request and perform the steps as detailed below.

  5. Click the Generate Request icon for a request.
  6. Click OK; a notification displays indicating the location of the request package.
  7. Click the Upload to Auto Gen Service icon to upload the request to dspCloud™.
  8. Click OK.

The request is processed in dspCloud™ and the AutoGen request containing the Data Services Jobs is automatically downloaded.

NOTE: Service pages are running in the background checking on the status of the AutoGen dspCloud process.

To register the jobs in Transform as Data Services rules and automatically import them into Data Services, click the Import Into Data Services icon.

To check that the Jobs have imported correctly and are registered in Transform, perform the following tasks:

  1. Open the relevant DS repository in the DS Designer application and check to see that the Project equivalent to the Wave, Process Area, Object and Target is present in the DS repository. Within the Project there should be three jobs.
  2. Navigate to the Transform Process Area Launch page and navigate to the specific Target for which the AutoGen process ran. Click the Data Services Rules button to see that two of the three AutoGenerated Jobs have been registered here (currently inactive). The third Job is not pre-registered as it is for the post load validation of the loaded data and is normally registered against a Utility target for later processing.