View Charts in dspConduct™

The dashboards included with dspConduct™ provide analytics, metrics, and reporting for:

  • Average time taken to complete governance elements
  • Predictive analytics indicating the amount of time it may take to complete a Business Process, Scenario or Role that are in process.
  • Requests created vs completed, so that analysis of the request backlog can occur.
  • SLA performance analytics to see how separate categories and organizations are performing.

Users assigned to the PowerUser, PowerDesigner and ReadOnly Web App groups can access charts for dspConduct™.

Some chart allows the user to drill down to data in the level below it in the hierarchy to view increasingly more specific data.

The View Data icon to the right of a chart name opens a pane that displays the alternate text descriptions of chart data in a table. If a chart has a legend, click a label in the legend to hide or show that label’s section in the chart.

Hover a cursor over each section of a bar to view the field count or percentage.

If a chart is 3D, a 3D Controls icon is available to adjust the chart angles.

An Administrator can set the number of prior weeks to display on the count metrics charts. Refer to Set Preceding Weeks Count for Dashboards for more information.

dspConduct™ includes the following charts and dashboards:

Access via Category page's Vertical View


SLA Percent On Time:


The dashboard accessed by the Metrics option on the Business Process page’s Vertical View contains the following charts:

The dashboard accessed by the Metrics option on the Scenario page’s Vertical View contains the following charts:

The dashboard accessed by the Metrics option on the Role page’s Vertical View contains the following charts:

Access via dspConduct™ Dashboard menu

Duration Metrics – Displays the average duration of business processes and provides drill-down access to duration metrics for the child elements (scenario and roles) so that an organization can easily know how long it takes to execute business processes:

Count Metrics – Displays the number of requests created vs. completed by category so that an organization can analyze the backlog of requests. The metrics can assist with decisions about resource allocation and analysis of potential business process issues:

Category SLA Percent On Time – Displays overall comparisons by category of how well organizations are adhering to the agreed upon SLA’s. The charts provided drill-down access to display metrics for SLAs for business processes, scenarios and roles so the detail of potential bottlenecks in processing requests can be identified:

Business Process Predictive – Displays overall business process comparison of completion dates from the average running business process. This dashboard shows based on predictions which processes will be the most and least performing.

Request Predictive – Displays an estimate of when a request will be completed, based on prior average request processing.

Request by Category – Displays a count of the current requests by status for each category.