Set Up Security for dspMigrate™

To set up security for dspMigrate™ an Administrator:

  1. Creates User Accounts
  2. Creates Security Roles
  3. Assigns Users to Security Roles
  4. Assigns WebApp Groups to Security Roles

NOTE: The security roles needed for a migration project are subject to project team organization, structure and assign the work. For example, if a new role called FieldMapper is created for Map, the assigned security roles WebApp ID/Group ID may look like the following: CranSoft/User, CranPort/User, Console/User and Map/Field Mapper.

NOTE: The Migration Developer security role is installed with the platform. Users assigned to this security role have access to all Waves, Process Areas, objects, targets and sources as well as Transform and AutoGen. The Administrator user is added to this security group by default, but other users can be added.

  1. Set up Waves, Process Areas, and objects in Console and Targets and Sources in Target Design. Refer to Create the Contexts for Migration Projects, Add a Target and Add a Source for more information.

  1. An Administrator must assign keys to security roles for all levels of the hierarchy, which are the following:

  • Wave-Process Area combination
  • Wave-Process Area-Object combination
  • Wave-Process Area-Object-Target combination
  • Wave-Process Area-Object-Target-Source combination

NOTE: If a user is not assigned to the Migration Developer security role, security keys must be assigned to that user's role every time a new hierarchy is created in Console and Target Design.

An Administrator can also Set the Default Context for a User.