SQL AutoGen

Reset A Mapping in SQL AutoGen

After a mapping has been submitted in Map, it can be reset in SQL AutoGen.

NOTE: A mapping will also be automatically reset if it is rejected on the Mapping Approval page. A rejection is tracked differently than a reset, as the Rejected On and Rejected By fields that display on the Field Mappings page’s Vertical View and the Field Mapping History page (both in Map), are populated when a mapping is rejected.

A user can reset a mapping at any time.

NOTE: The Reset Field Mapping parameter set in Console on the Parameters page controls how a mapping is updated when it is reset. Options are:

  • Reset all Field Mapping Fields – All fields are cleared of values

    NOTE: If the mapping is associated with a field group other than the default field group (* or “All”), the Target Relationship ID field is not updated on a reset.

  • Reset Status Fields only – All fields retain values except for the Mapping Status and Rule Status, which are set to Pending Review.

To reset a mapping in AutoGen:

  1. Click the Automation tab in the Quick Panel.
  2. Click the Mappings icon for an Object.
  3. Select the mapping.
  4. Click the Reset icon in the Page toolbar.

The Mapping Status and Rule Status for the selected field mapping are reset to Pending Review in Map on the Field Mappings page and the mapper must make corrections and change the Mapping Status to Complete.

NOTE: When a user clicks the Reset icon in the Page toolbar, the Created By field, on the Vertical View of the Field Mappings page in Map, is updated to display the user name of the user who clicked Reset. If the reset was performed in AutoGen, it is indicated. The Created On field, on the Vertical View of the Field Mappings page, is updated to reflect the date of the reset.

NOTE: The Automation SQL Field Mappings page displays behind the Automation page and, depending on how the user’s view is configured, may be obstructed by the Automation page itself.  In this case, to view the Automation SQL Field Mappings page either close the Automation page or reduce the size of the Automation page.