Post Data Using IG Universal Connect Overview

A Template defines how data is posted to a Target system, including which Target system screens and fields are processed. Every Template has a Template type. The IG Universal Connect Template type uses a Boomi Process when posting data to a Target system.

IG Universal Connect allows a connection with many systems, such as Salesforce or Workday, as defined by the connector associated with a Boomi Process. The Boomi Process also has an associated atom, the default execution environment (for example, Dev, QA and Prod).

NOTE: The atom can be changed at the Process Template level. Refer to Update the Connection for a Process Template for more information.

The connection ID configured at the Template level on the Template page’s Horizontal View determines the IG Universal Connection the Template uses. Refer to Register a Data Source in Common for more information.

If parameters, an optional feature, are to be used as inputs to a Boomi Process when posting data, a view must be created in SQL Server. The view serves as the basis of Process Template Loop Field Mappings, which connect a column in a view with a field on a Template.

A user can create this view using the Auto Generate Database Objects feature. Refer to Generate Database Objects Automatically for more information. Views can also be created manually. Refer to Create a View in SQL Server for more information.

NOTE: When a Process based on an IG Universal Connect Template type is posted, Integrate applies the Where clause from the Process post (entered on the Process Post page’s Vertical View), and runs the tx*Int view mapped at the Process – Template – Loop level. For each record found, Integrate calls the Boomi Process with the parameter values (if applicable) from the tx*Int view.

NOTE: When Integrate executes a Boomi process, it passes in the LinkID for the execution, which is used to return a status to the DSP® once the execution is complete. The user must add any additional parameters required for the process.

Standard Integrate features are available for IG Universal Connect. Refer to the following topics for more information.

When posting request data using this Template type, at a high level, a Template Administrator:

If using parameters:

The Template Administrator then: