DSP® Application Development

Data Control Views

Data Control Views are created in SQL and define control based on what is known about the data on the page. For example, a DCV could be used to determine if a record can be edited or  deleted or if buttons are disabled based on the state of the record.

Once created in SQL, the view must be registered to the page in DSP® (Admin > WebApps > Pages > Vertical View > Control Views tab).

Refer to Control Views for general information.

The following guidelines should be used when creating Data Control Views:

  • Use the naming convention webXXXDcv, where XXX is the name of the table registered to the page.
  • Include all key and criteria columns on the page to control.
  • Include all column names for the technical names of the columns on the page that contain the control status values   (0, 1 or 2).
  • Prefix the column containing the control status with boaCtl when assigning a control status to a key column.

As an example, a user could disable the Product History and Order ID icons on the Customers page where the count on the linked pages is zero.