System Administration

Configure Columns for Exporting

Page designers have the option to add or hide columns in the Excel template. Columns can be configured to be included in the Excel template by adding a column property for that column of view type 'Excel'. Columns can be hidden in the same fashion.

To configure columns for exporting:

  1. Navigate to the page where the Excel template columns should be configured.
  2. Click the Change Settings icon in the Site toolbar.
  3. Select Design.
  4. Click the Column Properties icon; the Page Columns page displays.
  5. Select the COLUMN to be modified.
  6. Click Edit.

    View the field description for the Page Columns page

  7. Update the fields as needed.
  8. Update the VIEW TYPE field.

    NOTE: Displays the context in which the control should appear/not appear as configured. Default "*" can be used in most cases. However, select Horizontal or Vertical when doing something different on each view. For example, if a field is set to be a combo box on the horizontal and when searching, but display only in vertical, then make it a combo box in the view type * , but "protect" it when specifying the view type of "Vertical". The options are:

    NOTE: Multiple entries for a column can be created each having a different view type.

    View Type


    All Views

    The column property will apply at a high level for all other View Types. This can be overwritten by a more specific View Type (Non - All Views).


    The column property will be configured just for the Download panel (Page Download)


    This setting allows for manipulation of the column property for the Excel Integration panel.

    Filter (Control)

    This setting allows for manipulation of the column property within the filter vertical (page gear > Filter).

    Filter (Form)

    This setting allows for the manipulation of the column property within the page filter vertical for the page. To access the page filter vertical View, click page gear > Filter.


    This setting allows for the manipulation of the column property as it’s shown on the Horizontal view.




    This allows for the manipulation of the column property which is shown when using the Page Report feature. To access the Page Report feature, click page gear > Report.


    Allows for the manipulation of the column property as it’s shown on the Vertical view

  9. Update the CONTROL field.

    NOTE: Control properties are used to control the behavior of columns within a page. By default, all controls are textboxes, but can be overridden by using column properties. All standard browser controls are available. The types of controls available are Button, Check Box, List Box, File, HTML Area, Image, Label, Text Area and Text Box.

    NOTE: The LIST SOURCE field displays the source table of the column and is only relevant for column properties of the List Box and Combo Box view types. This value is set on the Vertical View on the General tab.

    NOTE: The LINK TO PAGE field displays the page name/ID the platform navigates to when page link is performed. The value for this field is set on the Link Customizationpage's Vertical view. See Add Custom Links to a Page for more information.

  10. Update the CONTROL STATUS field.

    NOTE: Setting to ‘Hide’ or ‘Disabled’ will exclude the column from Excel Integration, while setting to ‘Enabled’ will include it.

  11. Click Save.