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  • The Request Post Workflow Notification page allowed Name fields to remain NULL and when the notification emails were sent, a blank email was sent to any user on the Request Post Workflow Notification page that had the Name field populated with NULL. Now, users must enter an appropriate value in the Name field when adding users to the Request Post Workflow Notification page.
  • The Count Metrics Chart was not considering the year when determining the week, so if dspConduct had requests from previous years, all years were combined into the respective week. Now, the year is included in the chart label with its corresponding week.
  • Archived requests are now included in the calculations in the following charts:

    • Category Request Duration

    • Business Process Request Duration

    • Scenario Business Process Request Duration

    • Role Scenario Request Duration

    • Category SLA Percent On Time

    • Category, Business Process SLA Percent On Time

    • Business Process, Scenario SLA Percent On Time

    • Scenario, Role SLA Percent On Time

    • Business Process Predictive
    • Request Predictive
  • The calculation for the charts Category Request Duration, Business Process Request Duration, and Scenario Business Process Request Duration has been updated to use the average request duration, and not the average request role duration as in previous versions. Additionally, the baseline used in the request duration considers completed requests from the active and archived request table. The request start for the calculation is the earliest start time of all roles. The average duration calculation uses a rolling history that is set by the dspConduct parameter Preceding Weeks Count.

  • A page designer can call the public events Validate and PreFinish from the dspConduct Request Role page from any event on dynamic pages in the Content WebApp. This allows users to run these events via a button on Content WebApp pages. Refer to Add Validate and PreFinish Events to Content WebApp Pages for more information.
  • A new Completed column was added to the Request Status page to indicate which statuses relate to completed requests.

Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®)

  • The following usability improvements have been made to the UI:

    • Font sizes are now consistent across Horizontal and Vertical views

    • Line spacing has been reduced to allow more information to be available on the page without scrolling

  • The DSP is now packaged with both versions of DBMoto: 32-bit and 64-bit. Previously, only the 32-bit version of DBMoto was packaged with the DSP and clients had to request the 64-bit version from Support. Refer to the BackOffice Associates Installation and Update Manual for DBMoto installation and upgrade instructions.

System Administration

  • A new site parameter called Support Workflow Authentication is available on the Parameters page to allow site administrators to enable/disable the ability for users to be automatically logged in to the DSP when they click a link in a workflow email. By default, this parameter is enabled.

    If Support Workflow Authentication is enabled:

    • Users are automatically logged in to the DSP when the workflow link is clicked.
    • The following disclaimer text appears in workflow emails:

      "Any user who clicks the workflow link in this email will be automatically authenticated based upon your user account. Any actions performed in the DSP will be tied to your user account, and any information associated with your account is accessible to that user."

    If Support Workflow Authentication is disabled, users who click the workflow link must log in to the DSP to access the DSP page. If a user forwards their workflow email to another user, this new site parameter prevents the recipient of the email forward from automatically being logged in to the DSP when the workflow link is clicked.

  • The DSP User Interface (specifically, menu links) can now be easily customized to support language-specific requirements without the need for a DSP design license. This is done by creating a custom catalog, adding the phrases that need to be translated, and assigning the new catalog to the System Catalog ID field on the Language support tab of the Parameters page.


  • Business Rules are now included by default in the bulk execution processing capability on the User Management page. Users on this page now have an option to execute validations and business rules after executing Excel uploads for users. Refer to Use Bulk Execution for more information.
  • To prevent incomplete System Types or those of a poor quality from being sent to the Entota Cloud, an 'ENTOTA Cloud Ready' check box has been added to the ztSystemType table and the associated Vertical view of the System Types page. This check box is unchecked by default, and can be updated by users.

  • To support the transfer of metadata from registered systems in the DSP to the cloud, and to maintain the original data types to describe the system in its original format, the table ztSystemTypeTableField now includes the following fields:

    • Original Data Type
    • Original Length
    • Original Decimals

    These three new fields have also been added to the Vertical View of the System Types Table Fields page.

  • The newly added Source Metadata fields, Original Data Type, Original Length, and Original Precision, are now included in the System Type Model Import process.
  • Now all fields will be included in a SAP System Type Model Import, even fields that do not have descriptions in table DD04T.

Online Help

Added the topics:

Resolved Issues


  • dspConduct has a process that scans the Content Application Database Audit Tables to produce a Review Role Audit Details report. This process selects a table's keys and other configured fields with a pipe delimiter into a single Key To Record field in the Report. When any of those fields used a different database collation, an error would occur. To resolve this issue, the aggregation process now converts the results of the select into the database_default collation. [DSP70-510]
  • Previously, incomplete development of dspConduct Tasks (missing child pages and audit tables) prevented request data from being added to the ttReviewRoleAggretate table. This in turn prevented Review Role Audit data from displaying on the Review Role Audit Details page, resulting in time-consuming analysis work to identify the problem. To help consultants identify tasks that may have pending development work, the TASK PAGE LIST UPDATED field has been added to the Task page to identify tasks that have missing child task pages. Additionally, the AUDIT TABLE CREATED field has been added to the Task Page page to identify pages that do not have auditing set up. [DSP70-478]



Previously, after installing a full Wave CTS package in another DSP landscape, the wave registration was not available on the Wave Lookup Table Refresh page. This meant that users were not able to refresh Target Values. Additionally, after installing a CTS package containing Wave Process Area Object Target Mappings or the Wave Process Area Object, users were unable to view mappings on the Field Mappings page. These issues could be worked around by syncing a target table to Map.

These issues were resolved by making the following changes to the CTS configuration:

  • Added a new shippable item: cMap - Wave Service Check Table
  • Added new SQL Object Relationships from table ttTarget to ttTargetField [DSP70-563]


In dspCompose, when the Force Reject Severity list box was set to Warning or Message at the template level, the Reject check box on the Reject page was not automatically checked for rows that failed both the Error and Warning/Message validations. With this fix, the Reject check box is checked for every row that fails the Error validation including rows that also fail Warning/Message validations when the Force Reject Severity list box is set to Warning or Message. [DSP70-519]

Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®)

  • Corrected an issue with the delivered CTS configuration for Integrate. The CTS process now includes custom fields assigned to the template when building the archive. [DSP70-477]
  • BOA Transport RD2K9A00XW is not compatible with S/4HANA version 1809. Clients that are running this version of S/4HANA will need to contact BOA Supportto obtain a compatible version of the transport. [DSP70-458]


  • The contents of ztTargetSourceConnectionType conversion table and ztTargetSourceConnectionTypeDataConversion table have been modified to allow DB2 and Oracle tables to be downloaded correctly and to allow DB2 BIGINT values to be downloaded correctly. [DSP70-580]
  • Previously, the Collect build of tables with more than 1 column failed with a primary key error when using an ODBCTERADATA source. This issue has been resolved by modifying the delivered Download SQL field for the ODBCTERADATA source connection type (on the Source Connection Types page). [DSP70-434]
  • When users would select to build packages or refresh Oracle tables, they received duplicate column errors because of hidden or virtual system columns. With this fix, users can build packages or refresh Oracle tables without errors. [DSP70-553]

System Administration

  • Previously, when a user forwarded a workflow email to a second user, the second user could click the link and be automatically logged in to the DSP as the first user. A site parameter, Support Workflow Authentication, was added to the Parameters page to allow site administrators to enable/disable the ability for users to be automatically authenticated when they click a link inside a workflow email. Support Workflow Authentication works for both Basic and Integrated Authentication. [DSP70-448]
  • An issue with header detail pages that only had a Vertical View with tabs has been fixed. Previously, with this specific page setup, despite the tab the user was trying to edit, once in edit mode, the page would automatically jump to the first tab and inactivate the remaining tabs. [DSP70-528]

Enhancement Requests from Users


In dspConduct, when users clicked the Finish icon (or Validate button) on the Request Role page, the validation pop-up did not bind on the current UserID and the validations sometimes displayed duplicates. With this fix, the pop-up binds on the current UserID so that duplicate validations are never displayed.

Online Help

  • The Enable Required Validation documentation in dspCompose has been clarified to state that validations are not run on required fields with data types other than nvarchar.
  • The dspCompose topic,Create Teams was clarified to indicate that a user must be added to dspCompose before being added to a team.

WARNING: Customizations made to any component of the delivered BackOffice Associates® Solutions will be overwritten in the next upgrade. To preserve customizations, make a copy of the customizations prior to applying any upgrade.

A customization is a change to the underlying source code, which differs from configuration – normal setup of the software, such as setting up workflows and defining parameters via the configuration pages.

Previous Versions

NOTE: 6.5.4 and 6.5.5 versions of BackOffice Associates® Solutions were not released. The immediately prior release to 6.5.6 was version 6.5.3.

NOTE: A 6.4 version of BackOffice Associates® Solutions was not released. The immediately prior release to 6.5 was version 6.3.1.

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