DSP® Application Development

Drop Audit Tables

Two users are required to drop audit tables.The first user requests the drop and within 24 hours, the second user drops the audit tables.

Refer to Enable Audit Trail & Electronic Signature for general information.

To drop the Audit Trail:

  1. Click Admin > Data Sources on the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Audit for the WebApp’s data source.
  3. Click Tables 
  4. Click Vertical View.

The first user clicks the Request Drop button. A message displays, confirming a request has been submitted. Both the RequestDrop and the Drop Audit Tables buttons are inactive.

If the second user does not click the Drop Audit Tables button within 24 hours, the button becomes inactive and the process needs to be initiated again. Once the button is clicked, the audit is dropped. When Audit is dropped, the audit tables remain in the database. Once the Audit is dropped, the record must be deleted on the Audit Tables page.

NOTE:   Dropping an Audit table is not workflow enabled; verbal communication between the two users involved is required.