What's New in BackOffice Associates® Solutions 7.0.3

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Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®)

  • Session ID values no longer appear in any URL string created as part of navigation around the DSP and are no longer visible in IIS logs, decreasing session handling vulnerabilities and improving security.
  • To improve accessibility, the Messages in the Quick Panel now display READ and UNREAD to indicate the status of the message rather than an R.

Online Help

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Resolved Issues


Target Design

An issue occurred on the Target Source Full Construct page where the Drop and Build Construct Page button was hidden instead of dimmed until the Target Source was synced to Map. With this fix, the Drop And Build Construct Page button is dimmed until the Target Source is synced to Map. [DSP70-490]


  • For charts that displayed mapping status, the metrics displayed incorrectly in some cases. If a target had more than one source, and one of the sources was inactive, the mapping would display 0 on the charts, even though mappings had been completed. With this fix, charts display mapped fields correctly when a target has an inactive source. [DSP70-320]
  • The following charts did not display data under certain conditions:
    • Process Areas were missing from the Field Mapping by Wave & Process Area chart when no targets in that process area had any completed mappings.
    • Objects were missing from the Field Mapping Summary by Object chart for a process area when no targets in an object had any completed mappings.
    • Targets were missing from the Field Mapping Summary by Target chart for an object when a target did not have completed mappings.

    With this fix, these objects now display on dashboards, though they still show no data (as the target mapping has not been started). [DSP70-323]

  • An issue occurred when users submitted mappings for approval; the Mapping Status icon turned green in Map but dimmed in Automation. With this fix, mappings submitted for approval cause the Mapping Status icon to turn green in Automation as well, correctly representing the mapping status in Map. [DSP70-431]


  • When importing data from IGC into dspConduct, the cloud import failed if the DSP password was encrypted. With this fix, the cloud import does not fail in this situation. [DSP70-493]
  • Corrected an issue that caused Late Summary emails to be sent to roles even though the Late Summary workflow message was disabled for the category. [DSP70-200]
  • Corrected an issue where the ability to activate and deactivate the Late Summary workflow in dspConduct for a specific category did not work. The Late Summary workflow can now be set as active or inactive for individual categories. [DSP70-487]
  • In dspConduct, the Request Post Workflow Notification page allowed Name fields to remain blank and when the notification emails were sent, a blank email was sent to any user on the Request Post Workflow Notification page that didn’t have the Name field populated. With this fix, users will be required to enter values in the Name, Email Address, and Language fields when adding users to the Request Post Workflow Notification page. [DSP70-452]
  • An issue occurred where when users added Scenarios to Business Processes and Roles to Scenarios, the drop-down links for SCENARIO ID and ROLE ID opened to pages with all Categories displayed. With this fix, the drop-down links open pages filtered by the Category in which the user is working. [DSP70-432]


When adding a Request to dspCompose, the Vertical View displayed both the Template and Template Name fields until the record was saved at which point the Template list box was removed and only Template Name was visible. Furthermore, when using keyboard navigation, the Template Name field took focus even though no entry was possible. With this update, only the Template field is displayed at the point of creation and this field remains displayed and editable on the page once saved. [DSP70-440]


In dspMonitor, on the Your Groups page, if all of the reports were Info reports, the status displayed yellow with an exclamation mark and a tool tip of "Report Configuration Incomplete". With this fix, if all reports are Info reports, there is no check for an Opportunity View and the status at the group level is green with a tool tip of “Complete”. [DSP70-460]

Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®)

  • Fixed an issue where users who logged in to the DSP were not given unique session IDs. Now, these IDs are generated for each user per session. [DSP70-456]
  • The sort order was corrected throughout various charts in the DSP. As a result, the order of values on some chart pages has been updated. [DSP70-405]
  • Fixed an issue with the focus on the Close button in the Quick Panel. The user can now tab and back-tab through the items on the Quick Panel, and close the window by pressing the Enter key when the Close button is in focus. [DSP70-438]

  • Corrected the border color of non-required list boxes when they are in focus across pages in the DSP. List boxes now have the same border color as other focused fields. [DSP70-439]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented tool tips from displaying on the Edit, Status, Vertical, Audit and Delete icons on the Horizontal View on DSP pages. Tool tips display for these icons in all supported browsers. [DSP70-443]

  • The header bar did not change when different high contrast styles were applied as it was a fixed image. With this update, the header bar image has been replaced with the base color of the style applied to the Navigation pane, and a light or dark version of the DSP logo is applied to the header bar. Furthermore, the text color for context menu items displayed in the header bar as well as the up / down navigation arrows follow the coloring of the Navigation pane text. [DSP70-442]
  • When users opened the online help by clicking on the “?” icon on a page, any subsequent navigation to the help from the DSP in the same session would open a new tab. With this update, after users have opened the online help in a tab, any subsequent navigation to the help from the DSP in the same session re-uses the open tab displaying the help. [DSP70-369]

  • When downloading an Excel template through Excel Integration with the Data Type in the header, the data type DECIMAL displayed the length in bytes of the field in the header. This was confusing as most users are more familiar with precision and scale when working with this data type. With this fix, only char-based data types display length. Fixed length data types including decimal, numeric, money and smallmoney, display the data type and the number of whole digits and decimals, for example decimal (10,4). [DSP70-450]


  • When setting up data type conversions using a source connection type of ODBCDB2, ODBCDB2AIX, ODBCDB2AS400, OLEDB2, OLEDB2AS400 and ODBCIM, the BIGINT data type was converted to INT. The data type is now converted correctly. [DSP70-435]

System Administration

  • On the Vertical View of the System Administration > WebApps > Pages > General tab, when a user hovered over the Vertical View field, there was a typo in the Hover View Pane text. With this fix, the typo has been corrected. [DSP70-451]
  • An issue occurred on the Customization Review page where it failed to load on SQL Server 2017. With this fix, changing the CranSoft database compatibility level from 140 to 130 is no longer needed as a workaround. [DSP70-475]
  • Required text boxes had a blue border for On Focus while the border for On Display was green. With this fix, the border of required text fields when On Focus is now green, making the color for all required fields the same when On Display and On Focus. [DSP70-491]



Fixed an issue where duplicate interface instances were sometimes created by Automate when queues were full. [DSP70-412]

Enhancement Requests from Users


WARNING: Customizations made to any component of the delivered BackOffice Associates® Solutions will be overwritten in the next upgrade. To preserve customizations, make a copy of the customizations prior to applying any upgrade.

A customization is a change to the underlying source code, which differs from configuration – normal setup of the software, such as setting up workflows and defining parameters via the configuration pages.

Previous Versions

NOTE: 6.5.4 and 6.5.5 versions of BackOffice Associates® Solutions were not released. The immediately prior release to 6.5.6 was version 6.5.3.

NOTE: A 6.4 version of BackOffice Associates® Solutions was not released. The immediately prior release to 6.5 was version 6.3.1.

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