What's New in SAP Accelerators by BackOffice Associates® 7.0.2

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Advanced Data Migration (ADM)


The process for building tables, views, pages and objects for Full Construction sources has been updated. For a Full Construction target source, the Construction table, view and page are built when the Full Construction target source is synced to Map, not when it is saved. For Enrichment Construction, the table, view and page are built when the Construction mapping is submitted, not when it is saved.

Information Steward Accelerator

  • In ISA, on the Project Summary page, a user can now run rules and send workflows on demand for all project distributions in a project. Refer to Run Rules and Send Workflows On Demand for more information.
  • User filters can now be applied for a specified project distribution, so that a user can view different data for each project distribution. Refer to Configure User Filters for more information.

Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®)

  • Users can now generate a URL to link to a specific page in the DSP by using the Copy URL to Clipboard option in the Settings menu. The URL takes them to the page where it was generated with the same drill through and the same filters applied. Refer to DSP® Navigation and Menu Options for more information.

    NOTE: The Copy URL to Clipboard option uses the value that is set on the System Administration > Configuration > Parameters page, in the Web Site Root field to generate the correct URL.

Online Help

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Resolved Issues

The default Email From address for workflow notifications has been updated in Console (for ADM), dspCompose, ISA, dspMonitor, and Common (for Collect) to replaceme@entota.com. This address must be replaced with a valid email address at the client's site. [DSP70-428]

Advanced Data Migration (ADM)


An issue occurred that prevented AutoGen from creating rules for Xref actions in Map in certain cases. When a target was synced with Map, then a lookup table was added to the target in Target Design that had not been used in other mappings in the source, then the mapping was reset and submitted again, AutoGen did not create the xt views in the database when the user clicked the Create and Complete icon for the rule in AutoGen. AutoGen displayed a message that it had completed successfully. The rule was not created as it was not validated. With the fix, when the user clicks Submit in Map for an Xref mapping, the record is validated and AutoGen can then generate the xt view. [DSP70-444]

Target Design

Fixed an issue that caused duplicate icons to display on the Targets page. [DSP70-429]


  • Fixed an error that occurred ("The service was unable to evaluate the non-query statement.") when the user clicked the Submit button on the Field Mappings page when mapping a target source field with the Construction action. [DSP70-338]
  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicate icons to display on the Wave Lookup Table Refresh page and the Value Mapping page. [DSP70-429]
  • The Value Mapping by Wave & Process Area chart showed a bar for each Process Area in the Wave, but all of the bars displayed the same values for the selected Process Area. With this fix, only one bar displays with the correct selected Process Area values. [DSP70-321]
  • An issue occurred that caused an error to display when setting the Source Database Object on the Target Sources page in Map. If a source used a System Type that had a table with multiple joins, and the source was added to a target in Target Design and then synced to Map, attempting to add the source database object in Map resulted in a Primary Key Constraint error. With the fix, this error no longer displays, and source database objects can be added to the target source in Map. [DSP70-388]
  • An issue occurred that caused validating or adding a source based on a system type on the Target Sources page in Map to take over a minute in certain cases. When there was a large amount of data (for example, over six million fields and over one million joins), the performance was slow. A stored procedure that was no longer needed was removed from the OnValidate event for the Target Source record, which greatly reduced the time it takes to add or validate a target source. [DSP70-389]


  • Fixed an issue where, when generating documentation for target source reports in Transform, an error occurred if the report Description was longer than 50 characters. [DSP70-280]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented multiple target sources from being executed at the same time in certain situations. If two targets used the same source ID, the Process icon on the Target Sources page was dimmed for one of targets while the other target was being processed. With the fix, target sources of this type can both be processed at the same time. [DSP70-406]

Information Steward Accelerator

  • When a user was removed from a project distribution, the process of removal did not remove existing entries in the ttWorkflow table, so a user could receive further notifications after the removal process. With this fix, when a user is removed from a project distribution, existing Workflow entries are not processed for the user because any existing unprocessed workflow entries from the relevant tables (ttWorkflow) are removed. [DSP70-163]
  • An issue occurred where timeout values were ignored and hardcoded to 30 seconds when processing the Rules and Rule Bindings. With this fix, the Connection Timeout and the Command Timeout values specified on the Data Sources page are used, preventing timeout issues. The timeouts associated to the dspMonitor_AccPak and ISFailedData Data Sources need to be modified when timeouts occur in the processing of the Rules and Rule Bindings. [DSP70-266]
  • An error occurred where projects that included public rules with bindings to tables or views with the same name in multiple projects caused incorrect report generation in both the record set produced and the columns defined in the report. With this fix, reports containing public rules will now correctly include the format and record set attached to the rule binding. [DSP70-368]


  • When users clicked View on a report, the report displayed with a Report Name column that repeated the same information for each row. With this fix, this extraneous column has been removed from the page. [DSP70-371]
  • Am error displayed when running a report that had the Order By field populated that also used a File Delimited output type. With the fix, the report executes successfully under these conditions. [DSP70-385]

Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®)


  • RAW Data Type conversions often produced errors in delivered Connection Types. With this fix, RAW Data Type conversions work as expected. [DSP70-408]
  • An issue occurred on the Tables page where CranPort packages no longer appeared in the Package Name list box. With this fix, the CranPort package names appear for the Target Source tables.[DSP70-186]


  • When an SAP System Type was imported using the model views included in Common (DSPCommon.dbo.tvDataBaseModel_%), tables with a TABCLASS of "POOL" in DD02L were not imported into the System Type. With this fix, tables are imported as expected. [DSP70-386]
  • The Add option on the Debug Log page was not supported for custom WebApps, so users were not able to create a Debug Log. With this fix, users can create a Debug Log for custom WebApps. [DSP70-384]
  • A service page has been created in Common to automatically delete dspCommon.dbo.ttMonitor records based on the retention days configuration on the Monitor Overview page. [DSP70-277]


The No Data Symbol, which represents no data in a post, did not display when posting a BDC process in the background using the BDC Post Method BOAFileCreation. With the fix, if the field is blank, Integrate uses the symbol correctly to represent no data in the posting record. [DSP70-361]

Known Issue

There is a known issue with SQL Server 2017 running at Compatibility Level of 140. Dynamic views that have SQL and reference functions that return tables can cause the SqlDataAdapter.FillSchema method to fail to return the schema. If WebApp Customization > Page Customization is used, the Compatibility Level must be lowered to 130 for the Cransoft databas. In SSMS, execute the following statement:


Enhancement Requests from Users

  • When Excel Integration was enabled, the dynamic column help was written into a row of the Excel sheet and due to the length of the help text this could contain, it was not an ideal way of providing the information to the user. Now, users can choose whether the help text goes into a header row of the sheet or is attached as a comment. When the Excel Help Text as Comment check box is checked on the Excel tab of the Vertical View of the Pages page, the column help text is displayed in comments when hovering over the second row in the downloaded Excel template.
  • When users select Download from the More Actions menu on a DSP page, the default value selected is Microsoft Excel Document (XLS)


WARNING: Customizations made to any component of the delivered BackOffice Associates® Solutions will be overwritten in the next upgrade. To preserve customizations, make a copy of the customizations prior to applying any upgrade.

A customization is a change to the underlying source code, which differs from configuration – normal setup of the software, such as setting up workflows and defining parameters via the configuration pages.

Previous Versions

NOTE: 6.5.4 and 6.5.5 versions of SAP Accelerators by BackOffice Associates® were not released. The immediately prior release to 6.5.6 was version 6.5.3.

NOTE: A 6.4 version of SAP Accelerators by BackOffice Associates® was not released. The immediately prior release to 6.5 was version 6.3.1.

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