System Administration

Search for Duplicates

Duplicate records are searched the same way a key word is searched. The only difference is the search string is constructed with Duplicate Detection.

To build the search string, the DSP® extracts the values from each of the columns that have been enabled for Duplicate Detection. The words are concatenated together and separated by the OR logical operator. The search is then performed with this search string just as if it had been manually entered.

For example, assume a record is being added to the Customers table. Duplicate Detection has been enabled for the CompanyName column. The user supplies a company name of Eastern Vacuum Mart. The system converts the company name to the search string Eastern OR Vacuum OR Mart. All records matching this search string with a rank higher than the Duplicate Detection Threshold value is returned. The record itself is explicitly excluded and the user cannot see the recently-added record (Eastern Vacuum Mart).

Refer to Determine the Duplicate Detection Threshold for more information.