DSP® Application Development

Review Dashboard Customization Settings For a User

A system administrator can review customization settings for a user for dashboards.

The Customization Review page shows each user that has access to the page and whether they are inheriting the customization applied to the page via the default shipped values, with an extension or via the role they are assigned to or via a specific user extension. The page could have multiple customizations applied and the User takes precedence over the Role, and the Role take precedence over the Default. The values are changed on the Page Customization page using the Default, Role or User buttons to link to the underlying pages.

A user can review, for all users with access to the WebApp, whether a user views the default dashboards or whether the user has a different dashboard assigned by role or user assignment.

Refer to Customize Dashboard Page Display for more information.

To review customization settings for dashboards:

  1. Select Admin > Customization > WebApp Customization in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Pages icon for a WebApp.
  3. Click the Review icon for a page.

    View the field descriptions for the Customization Review page

  4. Click the Review icon for a user ID.