Register Workflow Views

Once the workflow message is created, and users are added to the workflow message, register views for the workflow.

The workflow views must be created and registered in System Administration before being added to the workflow summary.

To register workflow views in Console:

  1. From the Workflow Message Summary page’s Horizontal View, click Views for the workflow name.
  2. Click Add on the Page toolbar.

    View  the field descriptions for the Workflow Summary Views page

  3. Enter a sort order in the PRIORITY field to control the order in which the view is run, if more than one view is registered for a single workflow message.
  4. Select a data source from the DATA SOURCE ID list box that indicates where the workflow views are stored.
  5. Select a view from the VIEW NAME list box.
  6. Click Save on the Page toolbar.
  7. Click the Vertical View icon to further configure the view registration.
  8. Click Edit on the Page toolbar.

    View the field descriptions for the WorkFlow Summary Views Vertical View

  9. Enter a title for the summary information that will appear in the workflow for this view in the Title field.
  10. Enter a sort order used to sort the data in the workflow in the Order BY field.
  11. Click Save.

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