Establish a Connection in a Target System Overview

Used in Integrate and dspCompose™, a template defines how data is posted into an ERP system. Templates are not tied to data, but rather act as an independent guide for posting that can be assigned to many processes.

Integrate and dspCompose™ templates use connections to a data source to download data from a target system. A process template posts data to the target system instance.  

The connection allows for the set up and configuration of these instances for Integrate and dspCompose™.

This instance is used for:

  • Posting data (Integrate, dspCompose™, dspConduct™)
  • Gathering metadata about templates (Integrate)
  • Recording a BDC Script or GUI Script (Integrate, dspCompose™)

    NOTE: This is used for SAP connections only.

  • Providing an RFC/BAPI to use to post data (Common)

    NOTE: This is used for SAP connections only.

  • Providing a data source for transfer of user defined files (Common)

    NOTE: The instance to post data to or transfer files to may be overridden at the process post level.

    NOTE: When establishing a connection, the Administrator can configure the connection to directly connect to the Application Server or use a Message Server. A Message Server uses load balancing to manage Server resources and connects dynamically to an Application Server. Once connected using either method, there is no difference in functionality. Only one type of connection, direct or through a Message Server, can be created for a connection.

    NOTE: The system can use other methods to obtain user credentials. Refer to User Credentials in dspCompose™ or User Credentials in Integrate for more information.

    NOTE: If a user adds a request based on this template and does not select a connection ID, the default connection assigned to the Integrate Template is used for the request. Refer to Establish a Connection to a Target System for more information.

To establish a target system connection: