System Administration

Enable Duplicate Detection

Before Duplicate Detection can be enabled, an index must be created. Users can perform Duplicate Detection using the same index that is used for searching or an alternate index. The index must have at least one column on which Duplicate Detection has been enabled.

Refer to Build indices for a Data Source for Search and Duplicate Detection, Define an Index for Duplicate Detection and Add a Column to an Index for more information.

After Duplicate Detection is enabled, a validation rule named Duplicate Detection displays in the View list box on the Page Validation Rules page’s Vertical View.

To enable duplicate detection for a column:

  1. Select Admin > Data Sources from the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Index icon for the data source.
  3. Click the Columns icon for the indexed table.
  4. Click Edit for the column.
  5. Click Duplicate Detection check box.
  6. Click Save.

Any number of columns can be used for duplicate detection. For best results, use only one or two columns. Limiting the number of words that are compiled into the search string increases performance. The more words searched, the greater the noise in the search results. Refer to Determine Duplicate Detection Threshold for more information.