Download Mappings for Review

To facilitate review of mappings, a Developer can download all mappings to a Word or Excel file.

To download mappings:

  1. Click the Mapping Approval tab in the Quick Panel,
  2. Click the Download List icon in the Page toolbar.

    NOTE: The Mapping Approval Download List page displays behind the Mapping Approval page and, depending on how the user’s view is configured, may be obstructed by the  Mapping Approval page itself.  In this case, to view the Mapping Approval Download List page, either close the Mapping Approval page or reduce the size of the Mapping Approval pane.

  3. Click the gear icon to the right of the help icon.
  4. Select Download.
  5. Select the format to use when downloading the file on the Format tab.
  6. Click the Fields tab.
  7. Check the check box for each field that should be downloaded.
  8. Click the Options tab.
  9. Set options as needed.
  10. Click the Download icon.