Create DBMoto® Source Connections

If using DBMoto® and downloading (replicating) data from a database other than Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or IMB DB2 LUW (where connections are created automatically), create a DBMoto® source connection.

To create a DBMoto® source connection:

  1. Check that the database is supported by contacting the DBMoto® support team at
  2. Launch DBMoto®.
  3. In the Metadata Explorer, expand the DBMoto_Client.metadata.
  4. Right-click Sources and select Add New Connection.
  5. In the Source Connection wizard, set values that match the connection specified in Collect on the Target Sources page.
  6. Complete the wizard and check that the connection has been created in the Metadata Explorer.
  7. Create additional connections as needed.

For additional help with DBMoto®, click F1 from within DBMoto®.