System Administration

Configure Workflow Links

A workflow can contain a link that navigates a user to a specific page to then perform a function, such as viewing data or clicking a button to trigger an event. If the recipient of a workflow is to trigger an event, such as clicking an Accept button to approve a Purchase Order, the event can be invoked from within the email or notification message. If a workflow link is clicked in an email, a new browser opens prompting the user to sign in to DSP® (if the user is not anonymous or semi-anonymous).

Before the workflow links can be configured, the required workflow fields must be populated. Refer to Configure Workflow Fields for more information.  The Workflow Links button is disabled until Workflow Fields have been configured.

To configure event links within a workflow:

  1. Select Admin >WebApps on Navigation pane.

  2. Click Pages for a WEB APP NAME.

  3. Click Events for a DESCRIPTION.

  4. Click Business Rules for an EVENT.

  5. Click Vertical View for a business rule with a PROCEDURE TYPE of Workflow.

  6. Click Workflow Links button.

    NOTE: If no records exist, the page displays in add mode. Otherwise, click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Workflow Links page.

  7. Enter a name in LINK field.

    NOTE: This text displays as the link name in the workflow email.

  8. Select an event from Link to Event list box.

    NOTE: The values in the Link to Event list box are events registered to the page selected for the LinkToPageID column on the Page Business Rules vertical view.

  9. Enter a priority in SORT ORDER field.

    NOTE: The SORT ORDER determines the order of the links, from left to right.

  10. Click Save.