Use Bulk Execution Overview

Bulk Execution is the ability to run an event on a DSP® page for all records or a subset of those records via a simple, guided user experience.  

End-users of solutions built on the DSP® can use it on any page on which it is activated by the page Designer. It is targeted mainly at users of Data Construction pages and custom applications pages deployed at customer sites by technical power users. The technical power users create pages for use by business users, SMEs, and other data contributors.  Sometimes, data contributors need to perform an action on a group or all records on a page. In the case of Validation, it allows the users to check the validity of a group of records on a page thereby directing them to the records on which they need to concentrate their efforts.

Bulk Execution is necessary. Without this type of feature, the user would need to click on each record individually to perform the desired action.  This individual record click is fine if there are only a few records, but it is typical for a construction page and custom application page to have hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of records.  Given the record volumes, the ability to run these types of operations in a group or all records is needed to facilitate a viable user experience.

This section includes the following topics: