Perform Field Mapping Overview

The Field Mappings page is a single resource that allows users to map fields, view details about mappings, and perform mapping-related tasks, including:

  • Submit a field mapping
  • Reset a mapping
  • Sync from Target Design
  • View mapping history
  • View field details in Target Design

The Field Mappings page also displays details about each mapping in the Source DETAILS section.

NOTE: Before mapping, the Source database must be set for a Target Source (if it has not already been set). If the Field Mappings page displays SELECT Source in the Source DETAILS, then the Source database must be set. Refer to the Set a Source Database Object section for more information.

NOTE: If {Target Rules} displays in the Source DETAILS field, the field mapping is for Target rules.

NOTE: Click the Target field name to view more information about the Target.

Each field mapping has an action that determines:

  • Whether Automation builds a rule
  • The type of rule that the Automation process builds

NOTE: A Rule Where Clause can be added on the Field Mappings page’s vertical view to filter the records to which a rule is applied.

  • The fields required to save the mapping on the Field Mappings page
  • Whether value mapping is necessary to map values in Source fields to specific values in Target fields

Refer to Select an Action for detailed information about required fields for each action.

Regardless of the action selected for a field mapping, the mapping process is the same.

NOTE: All of the tasks in the Prepare for Field Mapping section must be complete before field mapping can be performed.

To map a field, at a high level:

  1. Access the Field Mappings Page.
  2. Select the field to be mapped.
  3. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Field Mappings page

  4. Select an Action.
  5. Complete fields based on the Action.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Select the field mapping.
  8. Click Submit on the Page toolbar; Map creates the SQL Objects (depending on the Action selected) and sends a notification to the Developer assigned to the Target or Source to review the mapping on the Mapping Approval page. Refer to Approve or Reject Mappings for more information.

NOTE: Click Submit All to submit all mappings with a Mapping Status of In Progress and Complete (if that Mapping Status was set manually by the user but had not yet been submitted).

NOTE: Once the mapping has been approved, the RULE STATUS is updated to In Progress, and the field mapping is considered complete for Gate Wave Metrics. Refer to View Metrics for more information. 

This section contains the following topics: