Parameters dspConduct™

To access this page, select Configuration > Setup> Parameters in the Navigation pane.




Application Name

Displays the name of the component, dspConduct™.


Displays current version of dspConduct™.


Preceding Weeks Count

Displays the number of prior weeks to display on the count metrics charts.

Refer to View Charts in dspConduct™ for more information about dashboards in dspConduct™.

Business Value Parameters


Displays the type of currency that is displayed for currency fields in dspConduct™ business processes. Average Cost Per Hour value on the Business Process page’s Vertical View must be entered based on the currency chosen.

Refer to Set Currency Display Label and Configure Business Value Parameters for more information.

Business Value Calendar

Displays the calendar in Common that is used to calculate the Request Working Hours for the business value dashboard calculations.

Refer to Set Calendar Used For Business Value Calculations for more information.