DSP® Application Development

Guidelines for Vertical Page Views

The Vertical View should contain the columns on the Horizontal View and all additional columns. Additional properties can be applied to organize the Vertical View to eliminate vertical scrolling.

When creating a Vertical Page View:

  • Make the first column(s) in the view the keys from the table that will be registered to the page to which the Vertical View is assigned.
  • Add columns in an order so that the workflow of the page processes from top to bottom.
  • Include all field outputs in the Horizontal View assigned to the same page as the Vertical View, if applicable.
  • Organize data groups into tabs so that each page does not require excessive vertical scrolling or to provide categorical grouping.
  • Separate logical groups of data in a tab using labels.
  • Use the naming convention webXXXVer, where XXX is the name of the table.
  • The name of the underlying table, which will be registered to the page, must be included in the name of the view.