DSP® Application Development

Guidelines for Horizontal Page Views

When creating a Horizontal Page View:

  • Make the first column(s) in the views the keys from the table that will be registered to the page to which the Horizontal View is assigned.
  • Limit the number of fields on the view to avoid horizontal scrolling in DSP®  
  • Add columns in an order so that the flow of the page processes from left to right.
  • Use the naming convention webXXXHor, where XXX is the name of the table.
  • The name of the underlying table, which will be registered to the page, must be included in the name of the view.

Use these controls sparingly on large data sets in Horizontal Views:

  • List/Combo Boxes (especially with Dynamic WHERE clauses)
  • nvarchar(max)
  • Other extremely lengthy data type fields