System Administration

Create an OnValidate Page Event for Bulk Execution

This task is performed by the page Designer.

Page Events allow both row level and page level processing to occur using an external resource like a Stored Procedure, Workflow, or .Net Code. There are also reserved event names like “OnValidate” and “BeforeDelete”.

Bulk Execution is only supported on the “OnValidate” event. This event executes when a record is inserted, updated, or manually validated (boaStatus). Events can contain validations to inform the user about Warnings, Messages, and Errors. They can also be configured to conditionally execute rules based on these validations.

Refer to Create Events for more information.

To create a page event:

  1. Select WebApps in the Navigation pane; the WebApps page displays.

  2. Click Pages for a WEB APP NAME; the Pages page displays.

  3. Click Events for a DESCRIPTION; the Page Events page displays.

    NOTE: If no records exist, the page displays in add mode. Otherwise, click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Page Events page

  4. Select OnValidate from the EVENT field.

    NOTE: For the Bulk Execution feature, choose OnValidate.

  5. The ACTIVE field should be enabled.

  6. Select Foreground from the EVENT PROCESS TYPE ID field.

    NOTE: For the Bulk Execution feature, the OnValidate event must run in the foreground so that the messages about validation failures can be seen. Otherwise, these messages will not be seen if it is run in the background.

  7. Click Save.

    NOTE: A page that has an OnValidate event which contains a non stored procedure business rule and a non-view validation rule will generate warnings relating to performance implications of having Bulk Execution enabled on a Page Event with these less-standard rule types.