DSP® Application Development

Create a Stored Procedure Business Rule

Refer to Business Rule Guidelines for general information.

To create a business rule for a field in DSP Application Development:

  1. Select Admin > WebApps in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Pages icon for the WebApp.
  3. Click the Events icon for the page.


  1. Access the WebApp page.
  2. Click the Change Settings icon on the Site toolbar.
  3. Click Design.
  4. Click the Events icon for the page.
  5. Click the Business Rules icon for the event.

    NOTE: If no record exists, the page displays in ad mode. Otherwise, click Add.

  6. Enter a value in the PRIORITY field to determine execution order.

    NOTE: CranSoft attempts to wrap all procedures within a single SQL transaction. To avoid deadlocks, all pending transactions are committed before executing an external process. As a result, mixing external processes and SQL stored procedures can result in errors which cannot be completely rolled back. To minimize the effect, consider placing all external processes after SQL stored procedures by giving them a higher priority.

  7. Verify the ACTIVE check box is checked.
  8. Verify Stored Procedure is selected from the PROCEDURE TYPE list box.
  9. Click Save; the Vertical View displays.
  10. Select the name of the stored procedure from the Procedure list box.
  11. Enter text describing what the stored procedure does in the Comment field.

    NOTE: This comment is a description of the event; it does not display to the end user.

  12. Click the Advanced Properties label to expand the label set.
  13. Verify the Run On Validate check box is checked.
  14. Click Save.

    NOTE: Business Rules run only after all validation rules on the page are processed without error.