Agent Interface

Agent Interface Overview

The Migration dashboard, visible in the IGC™, provides visibility into progress and status associated with enterprise Data Migration efforts by giving you access to the most important migration project metrics.

Using this dashboard you can:

  • Understand the current status of migration waves
  • Identify any waves that are running behind schedule
  • Ascertain go-live readiness for a wave

Before waves, milestones and threshold data can display on the Migration dashboard, each must be configured in the DSP®.

If there are multiple DSP instances, these steps must be performed on all instances. The data displays on the same Migration dashboard in the IGC. Contact support for assistance if setting up the dashboard for this setup.

Data is sent to the Migration dashboard when:

  • A wave has been created and added to the Migration dashboard by following the steps in Configure the IGC™ Migration Dashboard
  • A wave that has been added to the Migration dashboard has the name, description, start date or end date updated on the Waves page
  • A wave is deleted in Console
  • A Start Date or End Date milestone is created by the system when a wave is added to the dashboard when the Send Wave and Milestone Metrics check bock is checked on the Wave Identification page
  • A milestone is created by the user
  • A milestone is updated by the user
  • A user-created milestone is deleted

NOTE: You need an additional license to access the Agent Interface and the Migration dashboard. Contact your BOA Sales contact for more information. If you do not have contact information, then submit a request in the Product Support site.

NOTE: To access the Agent Interface,  a user must belong to the Agent Interface WebApp Group. Refer to WebApp Groups and Assign Users to WebApp Groups for more information.

NOTE: The Agent Interface, used to configure the dashboard, must be installed. Refer to Set up and Configuration for a BackOffice IGC Agent for more information.

To install and configure the Agent Interface: