Target Design

Add a Basic Rule

A Basic rule allows a user to create a simple conditional or default rule (one that populates the field with a default value).

Basic rules are logic conditions associated with a Target field that are used in Data Services AutoGen. They can be used to apply conditions based on up to three combined fields. When Data Services AutoGen runs, the Basic rules are added to the job in the enrichment data flow based on the priority set in Target Design. Basic rules are overwritten using the rule definition from Target Design each time Data Services Jobs are automatically generated.

Refer to Data Services AutoGen for more information.

When setting up a Basic rule, the user enters a field value to which the Target field is set if rule conditions are met. Up to three combined conditions with an operator of = can be evaluated for each Basic rule.

A Basic rule can be added to a field on the Targets page or the Target Fields page. On the Targets page, a user can select the field to which the Basic rule is applied. On the Target Fields page, the user can assign a Basic rule to a specific field.

NOTE: Basic rules cannot be added to zLegacy fields.

NOTE: A Basic rule can only be added to a Target field if the Target has a Design Status of In Design.

Basic rules are managed in Target Design. They are not edited or submitted in Map. These mappings have a message on the record on the Field Mappings page in Map stating that the rule was created in Target Design. The mapping for a field with a Basic rule displays in Map with an Action of Rule. If a field has both a Complex and Basic rule, the mapping displays in Map with an Action of Manual Rule.

After a Target with a Target field that has a Basic rule assigned is synced with Map, these rules are automatically sent to the Mapping Approval page for a developer to review them, however they do not require approval to be used by Data Services AutoGen.

If a Target’s Source mappings and Target mappings ({Target Rules}) are complete, and a Basic rule is added to a Target or field, Source mappings are not overwritten when the Target is synced to Map. Target mappings (as in, {Target Rules}) are overwritten when the Target is synced.

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